Bringing your Family Spouse & Depentents

The Norway dependent visa facilitates the travel of Primary applicant’s spouse and children to Norway, it’s an eligible sponsorship for dependents of primary applicant who holds resident permit. Please be noted that both primary applicant and spouse should be under agreed valid marriage and not forced marriage.

There are several other eligibility requirements which need to be met by both primary applicant and spouse, before applying for Norway dependent visa.

Eligibility requirements:

  • Primary applicants in Norway must hold a residence permit granted.
  • Both primary applicant and spouse must both be at least more than 24 years.
  • You must have plans to stay together in Norway
  • Primary Applicant in Denmark must be able to support (financial support) his spouse along with children to avoid receiving public assistance
  • You must not be subject to a ban to travel to Norway or Schengen regions
  • Primary applicants must get income at least NOK 306 700 per year pre-tax and moreover, your earnings in the last year must also be at the same level.
  • You must have not received any social security benefits during the last 12 months.
  • Applicant is required to have all relevant documents pertaining to his/her spouse & children

What this visa lets you do:

  • The visa issued is a permanent residency visa which has validity not extending beyond the expiry of sponsored person.
  • Visa holders can live and travel in Norway, however if the visa holder intends to work then they need to apply for a work permit.
  • Dependent children can pursue education
  • Spouse and dependent children can apply for citizenship
  • Enjoy social and health care benefits


  • Processing time varies from application to application standard application approval time is 6 weeks.
  • Eligibility requirements may differ from applicant to applicant; we would study your case and documentation to guide you properly.
  • Visa application and document verification fee is applicable, for details speak to our team.
  • Once visa is granted you would need to travel to Norway as per the designated time frame mentioned in your visa approval
  • Apart from visa application fee and other requirements, please speak to our expert to get full information now.

How Axiom helps you:

Stage 1: Our Processing team will get in touch with you and collect process related details which would help us to understand whether you would be eligible to apply for this visa or not.

Stage 2: Post understanding the complete details our team will clearly explain all the pros and cons which would help you make a sensible decision.

Stage 3: Post opting for our services relevant documents list will be shared, we will review all the relevant documentation to assess current and future impact during your Visa application processing.

Stage 4: we will prepare the required application forms, affidavits or covering letters and any relevant declarations to support your dependent application.

Stage 5: Once you have shared all the required documents as per the requirement we will submit your application to Norway immigration office.

Stage 6: Once visa is approved applicants are required to book tickets to Norway.