Bringing Spouse Dependent New Zealand

If you’ve advanced to doctoral research and partnered or even had children along the way, New Zealand is a great place to broaden your horizons and continue your postgraduate studies.

To start with, you don’t pay extra for being an international student. Ph.D. students here only pay domestic level fees. You’re also automatically entitled to take paid work for 20 hours. Perhaps most importantly, New Zealand makes it easy for you to share the experience with your family:

Partners of international postgraduate students can apply for an open work visa for the duration of your course of study. The dependent children of all international Ph.D. students are classified as domestic students in New Zealand state schools.

New Zealand is a great place for bringing up a family. It’s safe and secure and very family friendly. You have a wide range of accommodation options to choose from. Plus, there are good job opportunities for people with skills.

With so many advantages, you may want to join the thousands of post-graduate students from around the world who have discovered the advantages of pursuing higher qualifications in New Zealand. In fact, nearly 20% of our postgraduate students are now from overseas – compared with just 6% in 1997.

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