Eucation Cost in Finland

Bangladeshi student required to pay tuition fees for bachelor’s and master’s level programmes which are taught in English. Some exceptions may apply. If you are uncertain what the fees are, check from the Axiom Education Advisor or university you are applying to.

Remember that if you are required to pay tuition fees, you are also eligible to apply for the institution’s scholarships. Check the available scholarship options with the university or UAS you’re applying to!


Tuition fees will be charged from studies starting in August 2017 or later. The amount of the fee can vary between higher education institutions.


The higher education institutions will develop a scholarship scheme that will give financial support for students enrolled in degree programmes that are subject to the charge.

You are not required to pay tuition fees If you are applying for doctoral studies (third cycle) in Finland.

You are usually also required to independently cover your everyday living costs. Monthly living expenses for students (including food, accommodation, travel, insurance, etc.) are around €700 – €900 or (BDT 70,000 – 90,000), depending on where you live and your personal living habits. Living costs are typically higher in larger cities than in smaller ones.


University students are required to pay an annual student union fee, which is approximately €80-€100 or (BDT 8,000 – 10,000). There are similar student unions at universities of applied sciences (UAS), but the membership is optional. When you join your local student union you get a student card entitling you to discounts in places like student restaurants and when using public transport.

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