Pre University in Malaysia

Complete your Foundation/ Pre-University in Malaysia

Foundation programmes are designed to assist in the transition of post-secondary students into a wide range of degree programs. This quick entry, 1-year courses will provide you with the theoretical knowledge and academic know-how to move onto your degree. Through successful completion of the foundation programme, you can gain entry to degree courses either right here in Malaysia or abroad.

Why Choose a Foundation Programme in Malaysia?

1. Customized entries to success
Our Foundation programmes help students prepare for undergraduate studies in IT, architecture, business, actuarial science, health science, engineering, and social sciences.

2. Hone your understanding with cutting-edge academics
Our academic syllabuses are designed to give students a firm grasp of the subjects through direct mentorship and guidance.

3. A distinctive record
Many of SEGi’s foundation students have enjoyed great success in their chosen career paths, from budding entrepreneurs in business to technological research advances in biomedical sciences.