General English courses


General English courses can help you to become more confident in English for work, travel, study or social situations and are a pathway to professional and academic English language study.

The classes and self-access online learning resources will help you to improve your speaking, listening, reading and writing and develop your fluency and confidence in using English.

Axiom Global Institute offers General English at 2 levels – elementary to advanced – to suit your needs.

You will develop the language skills you need for any situation – social, academic or work.

English for University Student/ Career

1) Report Writing
2) Phonetic Learning
3) Presentation Skills

You will be interviewed and given an Axiom Global Institute Placement Test on your first day to assess which class you should be placed in.

 Classes focus on building fluency and accuracy in both spoken and written language.

 General English leads directly to courses in Academic English and to courses in Professional English.

 Classes of no more than 12 students allow for close levels of interaction between you and your teachers.

 Highly qualified and experienced teachers understand the needs of students and provide the support and advice that you need.

 Up to date classroom technology is used to engage and motivate you in your learning.

Course Content

Course content at each level is based on progressively developing language skills using topics of interest to you. Classes maximize student interaction and practice, using pair and group work as well as individual study.

 Vocabulary building in topic areas

 Listening to conversations, news, documentary and drama programs

 Grammar in context

 Reading and  writing emails, stories, articles, essays and reports

 Speaking skills including conversation, discussion, and presentations as well as pronunciation